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We provide straightforward banking products to our business clients.

Our business checking accounts have no minimum balance requirements, no monthly fees, and no transaction limits or fees – we do not hide abusive fees in fine print.

We provide a range of digital solutions to help you run your business, whether from your desktop or mobile phone.  Our apps allow you to manage all of your accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, and initiate and approve wire transfers online or via mobile app.  All of our remote check deposit solutions are offered free of charge to our customers, including our mobile app and our desktop scanners for high-volume customers.  We offer wire transfers free of charge for customers that use our online banking wire transfer product.  For attorneys and law firms managing client funds, we offer IOLTA accounts with strong security controls and no-fee online wire transfer.

We also provide a range of other accounts for businesses, including money market accounts, certificates of deposit, and escrow accounts (including tenant security deposit accounts).

For more information about our business banking services, contact any one of our branches or our Specialized Deposit Group at 781-783-1800 or [email protected]

“When it came to banking, the Club sought a partner that could deliver client-first service. We appreciate the timely, personalized attention we receive from Hingham.”

David Gooding, President, Wollaston Golf Club, Milton, MA
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