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Deposit Rates

We offer simple deposit products with no hidden fees and unlimited deposit insurance provided by the FDIC and DIF.

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Certificate of Deposit Rates

TermMinimum Balance to Earn APYInterest RateAnnual Percentage YieldOpen
2 Month (No Penalty)$10000.50%0.50%Open Now
5 Month $10004.83%4.95%Open Now
6 Month$10001.00%1.00%Open Now
9 Month$10004.64%4.75%Open Now
1 Year$10001.00%1.01%Open Now
13 Month$10003.78%3.85%Open Now
15 Month$10001.83%1.85%Open Now
18 Month$10001.73%1.75%Open Now
2 Year$10001.73%1.75%Open Now
30 Month$10001.69%1.70%Open Now
3 Year$10001.69%1.70%Open Now
4 Year$10001.00%1.00%Open Now

Early withdrawal penalties may be imposed.   APY accurate as of document.write(new Date().toLocaleDateString()); . CDs do not have a maximum balance limit. All deposits above the FDIC limit are fully insured by the Depositors Insurance Fund.

Money Market and Savings Rates

Hingham Institution for Savings has competitive Money Market and Savings account rates. Please contact us at 781.749.2200 to learn more.

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Personal Checking

We offer simple checking accounts with no hidden fees.

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Digital Tools

Deposit checks, transfer funds, and monitor your balances from your smartphone or computer.

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Residential Lending

Explore our various offerings, talk to a lender, and apply today.

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