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Residential Mortgages

We provide customized financing options to meet your residential lending needs.

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Current Rates

ProductInterest RateAPRMonthsPayment per $1,000 BorrowedPointsApply Now
5/5 ARM3.250%3.430%480$3.730Apply Now
Jumbo 5/5 ARM3.375%3.465%480$3.800Apply Now
15 YR3.000%3.003%180$6.910Apply Now
15 YR Jumbo3.125%3.127%180$6.970Apply Now
30 YR3.125%3.126%360$4.280Apply Now
30 YR Jumbo3.125%3.126%360$4.280Apply Now

The above rates include a 0.125% discount for the establishment and maintenance of automatic recurring loan payments from an HIFS checking account. If the borrower does not establish and maintain said account and recurring payments, the rate would be 0.125% higher than that presented above. For adjustable rate loans, interest rate and payment may increase after the initial fixed period. Jumbo loan rates apply for loans between $548,250 and $1,500,000. For loans above $1,500,000 or special situation transactions that require unique underwriting, please contact us to discuss terms and rate. All APRs above assume a 20% down payment. Payment examples do not include tax escrow and insurance. The actual payment obligation will be greater. All rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Rates are current as of:

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Our Competitive Advantages:

Your Loan Remains with Hingham

We will never sell your loan to another bank. If you ever have questions about your loan, our team is here to help.

Diverse Product Set

We offer a variety of loans unavailable at other banks including super jumbo loans, non-conforming condominium loans, loans to foreign citizens, home equity lines of credit, or in limited liability corporations, and construction-permanent financing for primary and vacation residences.

Creative Financing Options

We can structure blanket mortgages to facilitate complex financing needs and routinely work with self-employed borrowers and business owners.

Meet Our Lenders

We have a robust team of residential lenders with a wealth of experience and an expertise in customer service.

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    VP - Regional Manager Nantucket
  • Larry Corthell

    AVP - Retail Banking
  • Denise Quirk

    AVP - Customer Experience Manager
  • Michael Anderson

    AVP - Linden Ponds Branch
  • Jinnie Walsh

    AVP - Hull Branch
  • John Chambers

    AVP - Relationship Manager - Boston
  • Janet McNulty

    AVP - Linden Ponds Branch

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