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Venture Capital & Private Equity Banking

Get high tech and high-touch service with Hingham.

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In the fast-paced world of venture capital and private equity, finding a trusted financial partner who understands your unique needs is crucial. At Hingham Institution for Savings, we understand the unique needs of Venture Capital and Private Equity firms. We offer private banking programs that ensures you’ll never have to leave your office. 

While we have the technology of a larger bank, what sets Hingham apart is our high-touch, hands-on approach to service. With a dedicated relationship manager backed by a responsive cash management team, we keep you moving quickly during your busy periods.

Partnering with Hingham is more than just banking; it’s about building a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. We become an extension of your team, working tirelessly to empower your success and help you achieve your investment objectives.



Comprehensive Cash Management Solutions

We stive for best-in-class service, which includes empowering our customers to conduct their banking easily online without hiccups and without incurring many fees other banks charge, including:

  • Business Online Banking: Manage operating accounts and investment accounts with ease. Provide secure third-party access to CPAs as needed.
  • Wires:  Send and receive funds easily in a safe and secure format. There is no charge for incoming wires or outgoing domestic wires when initiated through online banking.
  • International Wires: Lock in a FX rate on a transaction set in foreign currency for that exact time of initiation
  • ACH: Collect ACH payments and send payments efficiently and in bulk
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Dedicated Client Support

Our experienced Relationship Managers possess in-depth knowledge of the VC and PE landscape, ensuring personalized guidance and proactive support. We prioritize open communication, keeping you informed at every step and readily available to address your concerns.

Our Relationship Managers are backed by a responsive and knowledgeable cash management team who is available to answer any day-to-day banking questions and resolve any issues.

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Minimize Fees and Maximize Returns

Hingham’s programs are built around no-fee structures and competitive rates. We serve a vast array of businesses with their cash management needs and help them earn more on their deposits so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

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Security & Stability

Throughout our history, our conservative approach to banking and our unlimited deposit insurance through FDIC and DIF have allowed us to offer stability to businesses during times of uncertainty. For Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, Hingham offers traditional and innovative options for full deposit insurance to ensure your security standards are met.

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Our Dedicated Banking Team

We have a dedicated team that service our Venture Capital and Private Equity customers. They are supported by a Cash Management team.

Customers We Serve

We work with a diverse group of property management customers, including:

Venture Capital

Private Equity

Hedge Funds

Angel Investors

Family Investment Offices

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