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Security Deposit & Rent Payment Solutions

We offer a free, simple, and secure solution to help you manage your tenant accounts.

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Collect and Disperse Security Deposit Funds

Hingham Institution for Savings offers landlords and property managers access to ZEscrow, a market-leading digital escrow and subaccounting platform. With ZEscrow, you can manage your tenant accounts online easily. You can:

  • Open, fund, manage, and close security deposits online quickly and at any time
  • Organize security deposits through a folder system to easily track accounts by building and unit
  • Access detailed reporting, statements, and tax documents online
  • Track interest and automatically disburse payments through the platform
  • Invite tenants to complete necessary W-9  paperwork online

Start saving time and eliminate unnecessary hassles today.

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Manage Rent Collection Seamlessly

Save time chasing after monthly payments by automating and digitizing the collection of rent and condo dues with ZRent. Landlords can add properties and invite tenants to set up recurring and automatic payments from their bank account to your rent collection account at Hingham Institution for Savings. Both landlords and tenants will enjoy the convenience of this platform.

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Our Team is Here to Support You

Our team will assist you in providing the cash management services needed for your business.

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  • Ed Skou

    VP - Specialized Deposit Group
  • Selam Eyassu

    VP - Relationship Manager - Specialized Deposit Group
  • Shawn George

    VP - Relationship Manager, Specialized Deposit Group
  • Brian Reardon

    Cash Management Specialist
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