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Incorporated in 1834 by act of the Massachusetts Legislature, Hingham Institution for Savings is one of America’s oldest banks.

When it was first incorporated, the Bank did not have a permanent building and we accepted deposits at David Harding’s general store on North Street in Hingham. Although we have long since outgrown the general store, we have not outgrown our focus on community, family, and local businesses. We are proudly independent and remain committed to preserving and expanding the legacy established at Hingham.

We enjoy deep, long-term relationships with many of our customers – we are quite literally invested in their success. Many of our customers are also long-term shareholders in the Bank and we know them from our active participation in the civic life of the communities in which we operate. They are our neighbors and friends, as well as our partners and customers. In our 186th year of business, we have every intention of continuing to earn the trust they have placed in us. If you are not already a customer or a shareholder, we invite you to stop by to meet us.

“Parents, by making their children depositors, can teach them the advantages of savings habits and inculcate lessons of economy which may be remembered throughout life.”

Corporators of Hingham Institution for Savings, Hingham Gazette, December 19th, 1834


When the Bank was founded in 1834, Hingham was a bustling town of 3,500 residents, nearly twice the size of Chicago. Our customers were active in commerce, trade, and politics – often far from Hingham – and one of our very first customers was famous orator, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State Daniel Webster. We financed the expansion of his farm in Marshfield and a reproduction of the original note is shown below.

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Hingham has always played an important civic role in the communities we serve. The original founders of the Bank financed or managed a number of companies, including the Boston and Hingham Steamboat Company, for a time the largest steamboat company in the Western Hemisphere, and the South Shore Railroad, which brought rail service from Boston in the mid-1800s. Today, we sponsor local arts and cultural organizations, provide educational support in the form of scholarships and grants to low-income students and schools, and serve as an important financing resource for nonprofits.

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